Serve the Nation through Products and Services Excellence


We are dedicated to support the utilities in providing quality products and services for the benefit of the Nation

Shamawar Tagline

To Serve,
To Enhance,
To Make Things Happen

At Shamawar, our working philosophy is “TO SERVE, TO ENHANCE, and TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN” and our Business Strategy is to build long term relationship with all clients. We have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer care and in fact, most of our works in repetitive businesses are from loyal clients. For Shamawar, customers are the soul and employees are the backbone of the company. The reason behind our success is the blend of consistent teamwork and strong support from our loyal client base.

Our Core Objective

Shamawar core objective is to penetrate lucrative premium market by having strategic alliance with both suppliers and customers. The company continues to venture on other areas of opportunities and new technologies that bring greater synergy to the existing business. With this technological up-to-date products & solutions in hand and equipped with sound technical know-how and capabilities, Shamawar is gearing up to a better position in the industry to always remain relevant in the market.

Siddiq (Truthfullness)

ISO 9001 : 2015 | Compliance to Act and Regulation, Standards

Amanah (Fulfilling)

QE Committee | MS 1900 | Compliance to contractual requirement

Tabligh (Advocacy)

ICT | Knowledge and info sharing | Communication Skills

Fatanah (Wisdom)

Life Long Learning | Continuous improvement | Best practices
Shamawar Quality Policy Arrow

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to provide products and services of HIGHEST QUALITY in customers expectation through complying with all applicable requirements and practicing continual improvement

Top Management

Shamawar Management Team
Datin Ani Mawar Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer

Dato’ Dr. Shakir Husein Kalid

Managing Director

En. Zainuddin Hassan

Business & Development Director

En. Adzhar Raffiei Azizi

Sales and Business Development Manager

En. Ainnol Jamalilulniza

Product Operation Manager

En. Muhammad Firdaus

Operation & Logistic Manager

En. Ibrahim Bin Ismail

Quality Manager