Job Description

CSR Executive



  • Develop, lead, coordinate and execute CSR activities in the group companies or external community.
  • Planpromote and execute CSR programs involving employees for external parties.
  • Conduct CSR activities and long term community projects together with relevant parties on behalf of company.
  • Develop, lead, coordinate and execute all religious and spiritual activities in the group companies.
  • Identify practices and develop relevant Syariah compliant policies to govern those practices.
  • Acquire and maintain relevant certification for Syariah and integrity compliant.
  • Manage CSR activities via Yayasan Anak-Anak Yatim Wardatul Jannah.
  • Coordinate fund raising activities via dinner, golf tournament, fun run, donation drive etc.
  • Promote YWJ via websites, social media and other promotional means.
  • Organise class and activities for the orphans at Yayasan.
  • Lead and administer zakat collection under LZS Agency.
  • Promote and collect zakat on behalf of YWJ and ensure all administration matters relating to zakat properly complied with, reported etc.
  • Compile periodical and annual report as required and submit to LHDN, JKM, JPM, LZS and all related parties .
  • Ensure licenses and registration are active. Renew before expires.
  • Attend to audit or queries if any from interested party.
  • ISO and TQM-Participate and implement appropriate systems, procedures and control.
  • 5S and Autonomous Maintenance –Effective maintenance of 5S and AM in own area and group area.


  • Degree in Public Management, General Management, Islamic Syariah or equivalent. 
  • Excellent in MSO Office.
  • Knowledgeable in Communication, Office Management and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).
  • Minimum 2 years experience in Syariah and CSR activities.