EFI - Earth Fault Indicator

Product Description

SNV-EFI earth fault indicator, it Widely used in various ring cabinets, high/ Medium or low -voltage switch gear and cable branch box in power system, can accurately and reliably detect the fault section and fault type of

power grid in the Low/medium voltage network. The use of cable type grounding fault indicator is an efficient way to check cable fault, and is an effective way to improve the operation level of distribution network and the

efficiency of fault handling. The design uses electromagnetic induction, and single chip microcomputer control technology to make fault alarm with high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability

Product Technical Specification

  • Brand : SNOVA
  • Model : SNV-EFI
  • Voltage Grade : AC110V-40.5KV
  • Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ
  • Earth Fault Alarm Current (Optional) : 10/25/50/75/100/12, 5A/250, Default :50A
  • Alarm current accuracy : ±10%
  • Rated frequency withstand voltage : 2KV/1min
  • Relay contact capacity : ≤95W
  • ER14505 battery : Lithium battery (LiSOCl2) 3.6V/2700mAh
  • Battery life : ≥10 year
  • Low voltage alarm of battery : ≤2.5V
  • Earth fault sensor copper cable length : 5 meter,or customized
  • Temperature : -40℃~+60℃
  • Humidity : ≤95%RH
  • Display unit : IP 65
  • Sensor CT : IP 67
  • Download Link :