Shackle Insulator & Stay Insulator

Product Description

Shackle Insulator

An insulator that is used in distribution networks that works with low voltage is known as a shackle insulator. This insulator is also known as a spool insulator. These insulators can be worked in two positions like horizontal otherwise vertical.

Applications of Shackle Type Insulators

The applications of this insulator include the following.

  • It is used in a distribution system by arranging in between tower & conductors to support & insulate.
  • These insulators are used in overhead lines with low & medium voltage.
  • This insulator is used with a bolt by placing on the pole otherwise telegraph to avoid outflow current from conductors
  • It can be used in both positions like horizontal & vertical position.

Stay Insulator

The stay insulator is a kind of inslators with low voltage. It used to balance and fasten pole terminal through intergrating the guy wires and guy grips. They have the structure to protecting main wire from accidentally electrical conduction.

Product Technical Specification