LFI - Line Fault Indicator (Overhead)

Product Description

Overhead type Line Fault Indicators is based on the sensor that through Current Transformer (CT) to get the line current signal through smart processor and calculation to judge the short circuit or ground fault. The sensor ablet to warn the user through red LED equipped. It is beneficial for power management to find the fault points and to help in restoring the faulty line faster.

Product Technical Specification

  • Brand : SNOVA
  • Model : SNV308
  • Short circuit current impact test : 16kA, 2 second
  • Insulator resistance test : >10MOhm
  • Dielectric strength test : 1 min, AC 2kV
  • IP Protection : IP67
  • Fire protection : 5th grade
  • Real time measurement of line current
  • Detection of fault current/ short circuit fault, grounding fault
  • Online data upload
  • Download Link :