Neutral Link 100A

Product Description

  • Neutral link 100A was designed for continuous operation on a 3-phase, 415V, 50 Hz multiple neutral earthed system

Housing Made from weather and UV resistant, fire retardant insulating material A hole/slot each at the top and bottom Manufactured in 2 parts i.e top cover and base moulding Sealing provided to seal the top cover to the base Base moulding will b

Terminal Block Connector Design with a hole Internal Diameter = 9mm at least 2 pinching screws/stud of 8mm(M8) per hole shall have incoming and outgoing hole inner side of hole shall be threaded

Pinching screw and terminal shall made of tin plated brass Pinching screw and terminal shall be electro- tin plated in accordance to BS 1872 Filled sufficient quantity of electrical conductive oxide inhibiting compound.

Product Technical Specification

  • Description100A Neutral link
  • Voltage AC 250/415V 50Hz
  • Number of Screw 4
  • ColorBlack
  • ManufacturedMalaysia
  • Comply ToIEC60947-1:2007