Pole Accessories for Telecomunication and Electrical Distribution

Accessories for Iron Pole & Concrete Pole

Product Description

Our products have been used in the telecom and electrical industry since our inception in 1997. These products are still in operation since their installation, which reflects the quality and robustness of these products.

We have local facility for metal stamping, shearing, punching, drilling, welding and assembly. Product coating used is hot dip galvanized that comply to BS EN 1461.

For Telecommunication we have Eye bolt, clamp pole iron, clamp terminating , clamp pole concrete, clamp pole headring pole iron and pole concrete, thimble open small, stay rod set, stay plate, Hook clamp IB no 1 & no 2, Integral Bearer Clamp no 1 & no 2 and bridle ring

Product Technical Specification

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