TE Connectivity’s (TE) suspension clamp type ES are designed to hang
LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger. The neutral messenger is
fixed by an adjustable grip device.
Some clamps are designed with a movable link in order to allow longitudinal
and transversal moves of the clamp body.
Clamp and link made of polymer, giving an additionnal insulation between
the cable and the pole. Clamp and movable link made of weather and UVlight resistant fiber reinforced polymer.
The clamps are also available without bracket (version PS) and with a fuse
link (ESF). PS clamps are fixed to a pole by a pig tail hook or bracket.

Product Description


  • Tool free
  • No loose parts
  • The neutral messenger is fixed
    by an adjustable grip device
  • Universal fixing of bracket by
    one bolt M16 or two stainless
    steel straps of 20 x 0,7 mm
  • Bracket made of corrosion
    resistant aluminium alloy
  • Maximum line deviation angles
    of 30° towards the pole and up to 50°pulling away from the pole (for larger line deviation angles, two anchor clamps shall be used)


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