I.V. Administration Set







I.V Infusion Set with Auto Air Stop & Priming Filter

Auto Air Stop Filter 

  • Specially designed Auto Air Stop filter prevents the entry of air in the line when the I.V bottle is empty
  • Auto air stop filter maintains a constant fluid level and reduces the possibility of air in the I.V line

Priming Filter

  • The special priming filter ensures that the lines fills automatically (auto prime) thui maintains a closed system
  • Helps in reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)
  • Reduces spillage and wastage of I.V fluid

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Clear spike compatible with I.V bottles
  • Unique designed ring in drip chamber for secure griping
  • PVC free flexible drip chamber for easy and fast priming  (Drop rate  20 drops/ml)
  • DEHP free reduces phthalate related toxicity thus ensures patient safety
  • Suitable for gravity feed as well as Pressure Infusions up to 2 bars
  • Also available with ‘Y’ injection port (latex free)
  • Standard tube length: 180 cm
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