Contact Resistance Meter

CRM 100B+ and CRM200B+ in all new super light avatars, based on cutting edge ultra capacitor technology. CRM incorporates some state of the art hardware & smart software features making it a must have tool for testing & maintenance engineers.

Product Description

CRM is specially designed to reliably measure micro-ohm contact resistances of circuit breakers,isolators, busbar joints, earth switch joints, welded joints etc., under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switchyards up-to 765 kV. SCOPE’s ability to make electronics work in such environment enables CRM to measure millivolts signal in the presence of kilovolts noise. CRM is equally suitable for MV / HV / EHV equipments and is very useful to Power Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Testing & Commissioning Companies and Test Laboratories etc.Two models CRM 100B+ & CRM 200B+ having in-built 100A & 200 A current source respectively make use of innovative technology that makes them the lightest 100 / 200 Amps micro-ohm meter available.

Contact resistance measurement is very important for above mentioned equipments which are generally carrying large currents. Even small change in contact resistance value can cause heavy power loss and overheating of contacts or components which can lead to premature damage. Hence regular monitoring of contact resistance of such equipments is essential for all companies in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution as part of their preventive maintenance.
CRM has a built-in 100 / 200 A DC current source, a precision instrumentation amplifi er, digital readout & control logic. Measurement is eff ected by passing 100 / 200 ADC through the test object and sensing the voltage drop using the classical Kelvin’s four wire method to measure the contact resistance.
Easy user interface & direct display as well as printing of test current & micro-ohm contact resistance makes testing really fast. It has two modes of operational control, Stand-alone mode & Control through PC mode.

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