Dig multimeter

Innovative Multimeteres with current measurements up to 120A AC/DC. The open jaws are thin, perfect to clamp wires even in tight spaces. Kewmates are very handy and as reliable as traditional full size.

Product Description

TRMS (True Root Mean Square) (Only for 2012R)

For sinusoidal signals, TRMS and Averaging instruments read the same value, see figure A. For distorted signals, only the TRMS instrument reads the correct value, see figure B. Kewmate 2012R with TRMS readings is recommended for measuring distorted currents and voltages generated by PCs, energy saving lighting, inverters, several home appliances and generally all devices powered by switching power supplies.

KewMates 2000/2001/2012R come with Extra Features

  • They can measure AC/DC currents up to:
    60A, with Max. Resolution 0.1A AC/DC (for 2000)
    100A, with Max. Resolution 0.1A AC/DC (for 2001)
    120A, with Max. Resolution 0.01A AC/DC (for 2012R)
  • Diode/Capacitance measurements(Only for 2012R)
  • All equipped with a shock absorbing holster that incorporates test leads and open clamp sensor.
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