Dilation and Drainage Set

Product Description

Dilation and drainage set is a surgical implement which used for dilation of a tract and drainage percutaneous nephrostomy.


The dilator is made from medical grade polymer material. The drainage tube is made from medical grade silicone. Good bio-compatibility can minimize harm to human body.

Peeling sheath has suirable hardness and flexibility which can offer best maintenance during surgery. Round tip of dilator can minimize trauma to human body.

Provide wide selections based on client’s requirement.

Instruction for use:

1.By introducing a guide needle into pyelo In percutaneous neparostomy.

2.Withdrawing the core of guide needle.

3.Introducing a guide wire through guide needle.

4.Withdrawing the body of guide needle.

5.Progressing from the smallest to the largest appropriate size by passing the dilator over the guide wire while maintaining the position the guide wire.

6.The largest size dilator must be coated with peeling sheath.

7.Withdrawing the guide wire and dilator and maintaining the peeling sheath in the body. The surgery can be manipulated through peeling sheath.

8.After surgery, the drainage tube can be positioned Into body for drainage.

9.Withdrawing peeling sheath.

Size: Fr6-Fr30

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