Heat shrinkable non pressurized

RSB heat shrinkable closure for non pressurized telecommunication cables provides a fast and sample way to seal telephone cable splices in non pressurized cable, It is light in weight, fast in shrinking and easy in applying.

Product Description

RSB heat shrinkable closure for non-pressurized telecommunication cable is made of a cross-link heat-shrinkable sleeve, which is coated with a hot-melt adhesive, an aluminum canister providing mechanical protection of joint.
RSB heat shrinkable closure for non-pressurized telecommunicaiton cable is covered with a temperatures-indicating paint, which will change color when heated and allows a uniform shrinking of the product.


Heat-shrinkable composite joint closure system for environmental and mechanical protection of joints in the non pressurized telecommunication network: aerial, buried or ducted, non filled or jelly filled, with polyethylene, lead, steel or aluminum sheaths. Hot-melt adhesive forms a watertight sea to the cable sheath. Working in gear under the condition: Temperature -30~60℃. Atmospheric Pressure 86~ 106Kpa

A metal canister shapes and mechanically protects the splice bundle. RSB Heat Shrinkable Closure for non-pressurized telecommunication cables. Installation indicator: heat sensitive paint, adhesive flow and white line.

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