Ice Bandage

Product Description

  • Ice wrap is acold bandage which uses a revolutionary New technique for treating injuries, musle pain and strains. This bandage reduces recovery time from injuriesby Combining both the cooling and compressing process in An Easy-to-use way. A specially formulated solution is Infused Into the elastic bandage theybegins to evaporate Upon contacting skin, thereby causes coolingof the aplide Are. Icewrap reduces swelling and provides sufficient Cooling To make it a very effective treatment.
  • Sizes available:

10cmx3.2m                 120rolls/ctn                         66x33x26cm

7.5cmx3.2m                120rolls/ctn                         66x33x26cm

10cmx3.2m                 48rolls/ctn                           36x27x42cm

7.5cmx3.2m                80rolls/ctn                           36x27x42cm

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