Mechanical Connector


The primary application of Aluminum Shear Bolt connectors is for underground splices up to 35 kV. Shear Bolt connectors are ideally suited for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper and copper to copper applications making them the universal connector solution. The only tool required to install the connector is a standard ratchet rench with the appropriate sized hexagonal sockets. The connector  incorporates shear bolts head, which ensures that the correct torque is applied to each bolt and consequently the optimal contact force is generated to minimize connection resistance.


Product Description


  • Heavy-duty design made of high strength, tin-plated aluminum alloy
  • Compact and smooth body design
  • Dual rated for aluminum and copper conductors
  • Provides long service life under normal operating conditions with reserve capacity for emergency loading conditions
  • Compatible with TE’s Raychem heat shrink and cold applied splices providing an engineered system with years of trouble-free performance
  • No crimp tooling or dies required for installation


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