Multi-function Laryngeal Mask

  • Made from Medical grade Silicone.

Product Description

  • Made from Medical grade Silicone.
  • Size: 3# 4# 5#
  • Packing: Individual Blister Bag
  • The stomach tube can  be  inserted  into the  venthole;
  • Cover capsule contains original  designed sputum  collection chamber;
  • Unique design with cuff  and  beck-cuff  double  capsule  ensures  good sealing, effectively prevent  leakage and improve the aeration time;
  • Connectors at both  ends  with  fixed  small  handle, convenient  fixed  after laryngeal  mask  placement;
  • The reasonable fixed  guide  intubation, supporting  guide tube core, high success rate of  Intubation;
  • Patient side drainage chamber changed to  slope surface, reduce the placement  process stimulation  to  mucous  membrane  of the  patient;
  • The narrower the vent near the  machine  end, with the  unique design  of cross connectors  can do  processing  contents  on the  patient’s  mouth
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