Paraffin Impregnated Gauze Pad

Product Description

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Product Feature:

– Vaseline gauze is A fine mesh, absorbent gauze is Impregnated with vaseline, designed to provide A Moist environment for wound, facilitate healing process Can be used as primary dressing on the wound, when Cover A secondary dressing such as gauze swabs to Absorb exudate, the vaseline gauze prevents the Secondary dressing adhere to wound site

-Folding edge or non-folding edge available

-Its anti-sticking to wound Remove without pain, no blood.

-Plastic Packaging: 1pc/Pack,2pc/Pack,5pc/Pack ,10pc/Pack

-Sterile: EO Or Gamma

-Note: Personalized specifications as possible as customer request

-Packing In Box: 5x5cm-36pc, 10x10cm-10pc

-Packing In Roll: 10cmx2.7m,15×2.7m,20cmx2.7m

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