SMEDtizer Solution by SMW

  • No rinse Hand Sanitizer with moisturizer & Emollient
  • Ethanol 77%

Product Description

Product Details :

  • SMEDtizer Solution contains 77% v/v ethanol and 0.5% w/v chlorhexidine gluconate in a no-rinse, easy to apply base. The combination of the active ingredients provide rapid acting and residual antimicrobial activity against a wide range of microorganisms. Regular use helps reduce nosocomial infections

  • Indication: for hand disinfection of healthcare personnel. SMEDtizer Solution is to be used as a supplement to handwashing when hands are not visibly soiled or when soap and water are not conveniently or readily available

  • Direction of use: if skin or hands are visibly soiled, clean and dry hands before using SMEDtizer Solution

    -Apply 2 to 3 mml (1 pump) onto hands and rub until dry

    -After 7-10 applications, wash hands with soap and water


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